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Northcote Suburb Information

by Wendy Chamberlain on December 3, 2014

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The Northcote Suburb of Melbourne has a population of 22,920 as of 2011. Situated 7 kilometers southeast of the Central Business District, it is part of the City of Darebin local government area.


The place where Northcote is located used to be the traditional lands of the Wurundjeri people. They were also referred to as the Yarra tribe owing to their close association with the Yarra River and its subsidiaries, as stated in the Darebin Historical Encyclopedia.

Northcote Westgarth

By 1839, people from Europe settled in the area at a time when there was a government land sale. In 1853, the township of Northcote was identified in the area of what is now Oldis Gardens.

The suburb’s name is said to have been taken from the name of the English Conservative Party leader Stafford Henry Northcote.

It was during the gold rush in Victoria in the 1850s when large and expensive houses, churches, schools and hotels were put up in the area. The development and settlement then focused on the north of what is now Westgarth. The 1950s also saw the influx of migrants from Italy and Greece.

The Lower Plenty Road or the present day High Street eventually became Northcote’s central street although it was Westgarth that was initially proposed. The bridge across Merri Creek was built in 1858.

Northcote’s first public transport opened in 1888 via the Inner Circle Line. In 1891, the Whittlesea line opened creating a direct line to Northcote.

Present Day

The suburb of Northcote today is abuzz with activities. Westgarth is the commercial center where cafes, bars, restaurants and small fashion boutiques can be found.


High Street situated north of Ruckers Hills is another busy commercial area where the Northcote Plaza Shopping Centre, factories, furniture outlets, reception centres and warehouses are located.

The suburb is also easily accessible by public transport. Five railway stations along two lines are in place. These are the Epping Line, Northcote Station, Croxton Station, Hurstbridge Line and Dennis Station.

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